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Everything you could want from an e-mail account plus a friendly support team who are always on hand to help.

It's Personal

Use your first, middle, last or nickname in any order.  No more  long, boring, hard-to-remember, generic e-mail addresses like john-smith_1954@aol.com.

It's Portable

All e-mail you receive at your new e-mail address can automatically be forwarded to an address of your choice.

It's Permanent

Since ownership is renewable and you can register every year, your new personalised e-mail address really can be yours for life.


You can access your webmail from any internet-enabled computer in the world via an easy-to-remember web address, outitgoes.com

Your e-mail account features

Unlimited Mailboxes


This is what sets us apart from other e-mail service providers: you can set up a thousand e-mail addresses if you like, at no extra charge. This means that if you run a business, you can create dozens of e-mail addresses e.g. davidbrent@theoffice.net, accounts@theoffice.net, customerservice@theoffice.net, and so on. We know of no other e-mail provider that doesn't charge extra for additional mailboxes.

E-Mail Forwarding

E-Mail orwarding

e-mail forwarding allows you to forward any e-mail address @yourdomain to any e-mail address you choose, for example a Hotmail or Yahoo address.

Hot! You can also set a "catchall" e-mail address, that is, an e-mail address that will receive all e-mail that hasn't been addressed to an address that you've set up. In our example above, the catchall address would receive all mail sent to anybody@theoffice.com. The possibilities with this facility are boundless — imagine meeting a new acquaintance and giving your address as superhero@theoffice.com, safe in the knowledge that you'll receive mail sent to this address!

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists

Mailing lists allow you to send a single e-mail to a group of people. This is useful if you want to send out a monthly newsletter, for instance.

E-Mail Autoresponders


An autoresponder is an e-mail that is automatically sent out after it is triggered by an incoming e-mail. When a message is sent to the e-mail address with an active autoresponder, the message is automatically replied to with a pre-written message. Such messages are typically used for an 'Out of Office' message.

Junk Mail Filters

Junk mail filters

Junk mail filters use special technology to strip out junk mail before you receive it. You can also set an e-mail address to send the junk mail to, so that you can check this address to ensure only junk mail is being caught.



Webmail is essentially using a web browser (such as Internet Explorer), to access your e-mail account. The advantages of webmail is that you don't need your own computer or a regular e-mail client (such as Outlook) to check your mail. If you have access to a computer connected to the Internet, you can check your e-mail from anywhere in the world.

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